John McCown and Kookie “The Wonder Dog”

Most of you that were born in the 80’s, probably have no idea who John and Kookie are. Simply put, Kookie was one fast K9, and it’s Master John McCown. Together the two have raced countless Desert events, with Kookie mounted on the gas tank of Johns bike.


During the early 70’s, the two have raced Barstow to Vegas, and numerous Grand Prix events, on John’s Husky 400. They both were members of the Desert racing club, “The Invaders”, the bright pink club jersey, and Kookie, were a sight for to be seen.

 Ever see a high flying desert dog ripping across the Desert…?

June of 1973 Yankee Motors approached John about riding a 175cc Ossa, John decided it might be time to get out the big bore class. He felt mixing it up with the 175 and 125 bikes would something new for him, and a bit easier for the two of them.

So John had Willie Hockie (Hockies Cycles), make some changes to his new 175 Ossa SDR. Remember this bike was designed for Enduros, not full out Desert racing. Main objective was getting this Enduro bike ready for Desert, and most importantly… Kookie.

Over the years Kookie has ventured into other business opportunities, they both did a couple of Kawasaki commercials, and Children’s books. These books were catered towards fourth grade level, for schools and Libraries. Titles were “Kookie, the Motorcycle Racing Dog”, and “Kookie rides again”. By trade John was a Butcher, so Kookie always ate well, one lucky Dog…

John McCown, the man famous by racing in the desert, with his dog Kookie on the gas tank, died on July 14 2011 from complications from heart surgery.


 RIP John and Kookie

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